The comparison trap

It's really cool to think about the fact that no one else on Earth is exactly like you. That's over 7 billion unique souls and bodies. IN-CREDIBLE! And while most people seem to have no issues accepting and embracing this fact, so many of us fall into the comparison trap: "I wish I had _______ like hers," "If only my _______ was like his," etc...indefinitely. 

So what's the problem with this? 

Well for one, this kind of thinking is a total self-love destroyer. When you're focused on what someone else has, or how someone else does something, you quickly minimize your own beauty, talents, and uniqueness. You start to doubt yourself. Now, let's refine this for a moment. There's a difference between downplaying yourself for the likes of someone else, and using another persons success to fuel your own endeavors. We should ALL have people we look up to. Whether you aspire to be courageous like them, open-hearted like them, patient like them, giving like them, all fine and dandy. You can apply those attributes to your own personal growth and passion. But wanting their body?...not so fine and dandy. And wanting their life?...definitely not the business. 

Your physique is determined by so many unique factors. Even identical twins don't have identical bodies! The way you are shaped is ALL YOU. The way you move about the world is ALL YOU. Your energy and personality is ALL YOU. And there is no other you out there. 

The same can be said about your life in general. No two people will ever share the exact same experiences over a lifetime. Each of us are awarded different opportunities, in different environments, under different circumstances, for different reasons. That's what makes you who you are. Your life is ALL YOU.

So, focus your energy inward and let it expand out onto the world naturally. We are drawn to people who are REAL. We get to know our true self when we are REAL. We love ourselves the most when we are REAL. Don't try to imitate someone one. Embrace the body you were given. Take care of it like you give a damn. Live your life like you give a damn. And fuck what everybody else is doing! 

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