A week of new foods: day 4, sparkling probiotic

I asked my sister for some ideas of new foods I should try because I was feeling uninspired. We were grocery shopping at my favorite bay area shop, El Cerrito Natural Grocery, and she asked me, "Do beverages count?" while staring at the chilled beverages section of the store. 

Sure, why not?

I don't buy beverages...so this seemed like an appropriate challenge for the week.

We settled on the "Mojita" flavor of Kevita sparkling probiotic because mint and lime is one of the most refreshing combos and because the only other options were juices, smoothies, or "natural" sodas, or water. Taste-wise, it was good! Better than GT's Kombucha (yuck) for sure. I hate that stuff. GROSS!! I'm not a fan of added flavors or stevia and this beverage contains both. Also, I like drinking water. Just plain, good ole water. I feel like spending money on any other liquid to drink is a waste of money. I already pay for water. Seriously. I guess I prefer probiotics in the form of food. 

If anything this experience has made me want to take a stab at making my own probiotic teas or beverages at home! Anybody got any tips for beginners? :) 

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A week of new foods: Day 6, tempeh

This is what I look like when I think about (or smell) tempeh....

It doesn't really have a smell but how was I supposed to know that? It sure as hell looks like it smells. I've never tried it before. Unbelievable? Not really. The majority of my vegan and vegetarian clients haven't either. Now THAT surprised me. I thought all vegans ate tempeh. Gross generalization but it made sense in my head, and I'm honest. I lived a vegetarian lifestyle for about 6 years and I NEVER even considered tempeh. It may be appropriate to note that I despise tofu. Like, really. It's just...no. So I assumed that tempeh would smell and taste the same. As well as have the same consistency. I was wrong.

I'm a simple girl and I prefer simple food. So I made my usual kelp noodle stir-fry with hella veggies, ginger, orange, and coconut aminos. And I pan fried the tempeh. Before I flipped it, I poured some of the coconut-orange-ginger sauce from the stir-fry pan over it and crisped it to a golden, glazed, goodness. 

This is officially one of my new favorite dishes. I make the stir-fry regularly, with white fish, but with tempeh it's much more satisfying and I like the "bite" tempeh has. Soft foods sometimes feel like they're not substantial enough and just move right through me. Tempeh is quite a delicious exception. I highly recommend it! 

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