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A week of new foods: Day 2, raw clams

I consider myself to be pretty adventurous when it comes to food. And, originally, I had planned this "Week of New Foods" to be all things that I cooked myself. But then I realized I could expand my horizons infinitely if I included foods prepared by others as well. Recently, my partner and I took a mini vacay to our favorite little town just an hour from our home, Guerneville. We usually splurge on a fancy dinner at Boon while we're there but there's a new restaurant in town now which caused quite a stir upon opening. It's called Seaside Metal and it's the sister restaurant to Bar Crudo in San Francisco. I haven't eaten there but have heard great things. 

My idea of fine dining includes foods which I cannot easily make at home. So, I rarely go out for soup or salad. I want the real deal. Fresh, sustainable, delicious, nutrient-packed seafood! Seaside Metal looked (and sounded) like it was just the place. 

My partner Miki suggested I try the uni as part of my challenge. I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I have a thing about texture. And uni looks like it would send me straight to the toilet. I keep going back and forth about wanting to try it, but every time I see it, my decision is much more easily made. Hell no. So I went with something a little more familiar, and a whole lot more affordable: clams. Raw clams. That doesn't sound right but I was assured they have a "sweet, soft, pleasant taste" so I went for it.  

Thank GOD for the Gulf shrimp on the plate or else holy hell that just looks all kinds of disgusting. I didn't look at it too long. Or at least I tried not to. 

I made sure the....animal?...was separated from it's shell, squeezed a little lemon on it, and...

It took me AT LEAST 30 seconds to get it down. But it felt like an eternity. The texture, awful. The taste, horrendous. The experience, traumatizing. 

I'm proud of myself for trying it, but needless to say I will never eat raw clams again. To be fair, my experience had NOTHING to do with the restaurant. I loved everything about it and it instantly became our new favorite place to dine out. The food was INCREDIBLE!! I just don't think raw clams should be eaten unless you're stranded on a deserted island somewhere and you eat them for sheer survival. And even then, I would have issues. 

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