New at Costco (September '14)

So as you know, I'm a Costcoholic. I may even be the president and founder of CA (Costcoholics Anonymous). I get my fix at least once per week now that I am shopping and cooking for my meal prep customers. It used to be only 2x per month. Naturally, the more I go, the more obsessed I get. They are constantly bringing in new inventory and expanding their organic product line. They also have majorly stepped up their labeling game and now tell you where most of their meat and seafood comes from, what grade it's rated, how and where the meat was processed and handled, and whether or not the product is considered humane or sustainable. They are doing the same for produce. The are supporting more local farms and being clear about GMOs, pesticides, sustainable farming practices, other environmental impacts, and freshness.

I love Costco.

So these are the two new products I noticed today. They were not there last time I shopped there (which was only about a week ago) so of course I got all excited to play with them.  

NuttZo  nut and seed butter. Availability and type will depend on the store. The Richmond Costco currently only has this flavor. 

NuttZo nut and seed butter. Availability and type will depend on the store. The Richmond Costco currently only has this flavor. 

I didn't purchase this nut and seed butter because I've had to severely cut back on nuts and seeds due to digestion and gut issues. Sadness. However, it looks amazing and I love that it doesn't have peanuts, added oils, added flavors, or sweeteners. That is RARE for nut butters. You should check it out if your tummy can handle it! (But don't tell me if it's good cos I'll be jealous). 

SunnyValley uncured bacon. 

SunnyValley uncured bacon. 

I didn't buy this bacon either because I've also cut down on processed meats for my own household.  I haven't done the research yet to find out about the animals and farms who supply meat to this company. The processors seem credible, I'll give them that. The bacon is leaner and even looks a lot better than any of the other bacon they sell (including Niman Ranch). And it is currently the ONLY bacon Costco sells that is free of preservatives. That was enough to make me smile. I encourage you to do your own research before choosing meat products. It's very important as a meat eater to make informed decisions. The "I don't want to know about it just give me my burger attitude" is not cool and never will be. 

What products do you enjoy from Costco?? 

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