A week of new foods: Day 5, feijoas

There are an overwhelming amount of different fruits on this planet. I mean, really. I saw these guys at the market and thought, "I love guava, everything about it, and I love the flavor of pineapple...but pineapple is just too sweet for me. What would a cross between the two of them be like???" So I grabbed a few and made a note of how to eat them by photographing their signage.

These things are INCREDIBLE! Exactly like a guava in texture and consistency but with a somewhat tart, unique pineapple flavor. One was very soft and ripe and the other was a little harder so I got to try both and I enjoyed them at both states. The soft one was easier to peel but the skin on it tasted better while the firm one was a little more bitter but still good! They'd be an easy option for something on-the-go, for a picnic, carrying in a bag (unlike bananas...yeah...never carry a banana in your purse...), or just a refreshing snack or dessert. Super yum! 

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