Rely on YOU, and no one else!

Often I hear people complaining about partners, friends, and family members who "make it hard" for them to make better choices in their diet. Changing your lifestyle IS's not a short, simple process. If it was, we'd all be doing it because we want quick and easy, in all aspects of life. But nothing good ever came from quick and easy. Rewards and goals are EARNED over time with hard work. 

So yes, I'm not arguing that your environment and the people in it don't have a huge impact on the choices you make every single day. However, who is responsible for the choices you make? YOU. Who has control over those choices? YOU. Who makes those choices? YOU. It all comes down to YOU. And one of the most important aspects of developing and sustaining a healthy lifestyle is doing it for you and believing that you CAN. 

Another topic that comes up a lot is the input (usually unwanted) from friends, family, and colleagues about healthy lifestyles and what you should or should not be doing. Unless you sought someone out for their expertise or experience with this (like me), you should pay them no mind. Let them tell you about their low-fat, low calorie diet and how they lost 10 lb in 5 days. If they're happy, feel good, and are reaching their goals, that's fantastic. Be supportive. But, keep doing you. You have your own goals, your own plan of action and your own life to be concerned about. Diversity and difference of opinion makes the world a more interesting place. 

When you have goals and priorities that differ from those around you, you may feel lonely when you first start your journey. You may feel like you're missing out and you may even feel envious that other people are doing something that is not a part of your action plan. We often experience moments of weakness or insecurity which makes us feel vulnerable. So, we seek out the support and encouragement of loved ones. We NEED that support and encouragement. You have to first find it in yourself to say "This is what I'm going to do, this is how I'm going to do it, and I don't need to rely on anyone else except myself to get it done." Once you can say that with 100% confidence, and FEEL it to be are set to make moves! Only then do you reach out for that support and encouragement that we all need. The desire, the drive, and the belief has to come from within, while your supporters provide you with the fuel. 


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